MarginEdge helps "restaurant run without massive paperwork nightmare. it means getting your team back to creating a memorable guest experience. it means having your purchase and sales data in one place immediately - for effective, rapid decision making. 


2d animation, Identity & Branding, Creative Direction

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Character Development

At Internlmedia we know that the most ideal approach is to have a character representation of your ideal customer - based on market research and real data about your existing & loyal customers.  This buyer persona provides structure and context for MarginEdge, which made it easier to map out content that achieves results.

Deconstruction of doubt

MarginEdge came to Internlmedia seeking a solution that provokes thoughts and allures to their ideal customer. We helped achieve this piece through strategy aimed at simplifying how the end user platform is explained which helps retain their most valuable visitors, leads and customers. 

Increased Awareness

+ Brand Credibility

Through this 2d animation explainer video MarginEdge is now able to easily explain how their software makes the everyday restaurateurs life easier. Leveraging this video has helped turn suspects into prospects.

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